“There is a light which the darkness recognizes

as its own.  It is who we are.”

Luminae is a mix of poetry & prose by Allison Marie Conway.  The title Luminae comes from combining the words “lumen  naturae” which is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe “the light of the darkness itself.” In nature, in the cosmos, all darkness contains light, and all light, darkness. One does not exist without the other. This book is an exploration of what it means to acknowledge both light and darkness as they manifest inside the self. The darkness is the unexplored terrain within: our fear and our pain, as well as our strength, creativity, wisdom and resilience.

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“This book was just what I needed. So prolific. The imagery is amazing. I think I could keep reading this over and over. She delves into the inner psyche really well. Gives me a reason to be inspired and keep writing.” — Jennifer J. Fay
“Her words drip like honey on the tongue. They work their way into your heart and plant seeds that later burst into an exhilaration of light.
I have never been so moved so consistently by an artist.” — Anthony Glenn