My name is Allison Marie Conway and I am an author, writer, and poet living in Pennsylvania USA.

Here on my blog, I publish frequently because I love to write and also because I find the best way to move through writer’s block is to not believe in it. Just keep going.

I write mostly creative fiction and creative non-fiction pieces in which I explore the inner life we experience as we navigate through a world which can often feel like it is moving way too fast, robbing us of the quiet relief of solitude, freedom of expression, and soulful reflection.

There is so much left unsaid in daily routine interactions. So much of modern life can feel callous, brutal, and mind-heart-soul-numbing. When I write, I try to say what isn’t being said anywhere else.

I can be punchy sometimes, and anxious. But mostly I am tender, and just searching. For what, I don’t always know.

My most recent book of poetry and poetic prose, Luminae, can be found on Amazon. In it, I write about the incredible strength we possess that is wrapped in fragility, the mystery of the beautiful darkness within, and what it means, as a writer and a woman, to keep hope alive even when this life feels impossibly bleak.

Thank you for reading my work. I am so very grateful you are here.

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Email: allisonmarieconway@gmail.com