About Me Sober

My name is Allison Marie Conway and I am an author and writer living in Pennsylvania USA.

I got sober on January 1, 2022. I write blog posts and record audios (listen for free here) about my experience along this incredible journey, mostly to keep myself accountable, and also to build a sense of community. It can feel lonely to opt out of drinking when drinking is glorified literally everywhere we look. I just want us to feel less alone. Stronger and softer in our own skin at the same time.

After 22 years of heavy drinking I never in a million years thought I would get sober at the age of 43. But here I am doing it. And it’s quite honestly the greatest thing I have ever done for my body, mind, spirit, and soul. I share about my addiction and my recovery because I sincerely believe it is a conversation that needs to happen more often with honesty and compassion.

I hope what I share serves you well.

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Email: allisonmarieconway@gmail.com