My name is Allison Marie Conway and I am an author, writer, and poet living in Pennsylvania USA.

Here on my blog, I publish frequently because I love to write and also because I find the best way to move through writer’s block is to not believe in it. Just keep going. I’ve been writing for well over a decade and most of that writing lives here in the halls of this blog.

I am a new sober hatchling. Sober date 1.1.22. I started to write about the journey because I find it helps and really, whatever helps, you should do.

My most recent book of poetry and poetic prose, Luminae, can be found on Amazon. In it, I write about the incredible strength we possess that is wrapped in fragility, the mystery of the beautiful darkness within, and what it means, as a writer and a woman, to keep hope alive even when this life feels impossibly bleak.

Thank you for reading my work. I am so very grateful you are here.

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Email: allisonmarieconway@gmail.com