What Getting Sober Really Means (audio)

I think what getting sober is about is getting into alignment with your truest deepest self. And learning how to integrate all of yourself – mind, body, soul, spirit, environment, thoughts, beliefs, commitments, goals, dreams, creations, prayers, words, actions – so that as you move through your day, your night, any given moment, you feel an inner peace. That peace becomes your anchor. Your center. That peace keeps you true. True as in: faithful to yourself, your sobriety, and true as in: in perfect balance. Your steady state is one of humble confidence. Not competing with anyone. No conflict between what you say or do and what you believe. So it’s a bit heavy I guess you could say, because sobriety encompasses everything. But if you can let go of the weight of self-doubt and the burden of keeping the lies and hiding the truth in addiction – your existence, your joy, your experience of the ups and downs of this crazy life – becomes light. Or you can hold it all lightly. More gently. You remind yourself over and over every time you don’t pick up, every time you choose your truth over false outside beliefs: I can take care of myself. I’ve got me, I’m good. I’m okay. I’m safe. I can breathe and be in this moment and I do not have to rush it along. /

5 Replies to “What Getting Sober Really Means (audio)”

  1. That feeling must be priceless. I’m happy that you’re feeling it because it gives me hope that one day even I can feel it instead of constant overthinking and rushing through the present moment.

    Sending love. ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿงก

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  2. Sobriety is so much about healing. It was a Reiki Level I course that I took in my late fifties that finally broke my addiction. Nobody was more surprised than me โ€“ because I was only there to learn a new tool for self-healing from a legacy of lifelong trauma. Alcohol had always been my crutch, my knee-jerk go-to salve for any emotional twitch. It was a chain around my neck that I hated, but couldn’t seem to break. After my Reiki attunement, the shift was almost instant, and… I learned that miracles do happen.

    I love how you speak of alignment and integration, inner peace as your anchor, and what keeps you true. It’s been six years, and what I cherish most about my sobriety is the clarity that helps me to find my centre and regain peace after it has been compromised by the turbulence of outside forces. Clarity and wisdom go hand in hand with living your best life and being a shining beacon for others who may be struggling.

    It’s all good. Thank you for you post, Allison. I appreciate your thoughts, words, and stories.


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