Wish I Could (audio)

I am not chasing anything. I am not trying to impress anyone or even myself. I’m not trying to be better just trying to be not false. I don’t need more attention. I don’t want more words. I don’t want anything to define me or try to minimize what I am experiencing right now because what I am experiencing is quite beyond words, beyond language, beyond description.

My recovery continues to evolve, deepen, twist, turn, and surprise. What feels like I am coiling back on myself isn’t exactly that, or at least I don’t think it is. But there are no words in most of my recovery space right now. I meditate a lot. Read non-stop. Currently: Martha Beck’s The Way of Integrity, and David Hawkins’ The Map of Consciousness.

I’ve been dealing with a fuck lot of anger, I notice. Perhaps a level of all out rage that I have never before let myself feel. It is very, very real. It spews all over the pages of my journal, in private. I try to keep it from coming out in the times when I am supposed to be nice to people. But it is really hard. The tears come hot and they push, push, push against my chest. I am so very angry. The way women are not allowed to be. Ugly. Undignified. Vengeful. Like a million mountains all on fire inside my cells. In my stomach, in my brain.

There is a sense I have these days that something massive has already shifted inside of me and I am rather quiet because I have not caught up with it yet. My whole body, mind, spirit, soul, feels so new. So vastly and entirely different from who or what I used to be. Or should I say maybe, different from what I used to chase or value or believe. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t think I ever really knew. Now it’s all I’ve got. This new story unfolding about myself. And all I can do is feel it. I can’t speak it or write it or make it pretty or palatable or linear or concise or poetic. I can’t teach it or preach it or tell you about it. Because there are no words.

3 Replies to “Wish I Could (audio)”

  1. Lots of powerful energies at play right now. I don’t know who I am either. I’ve been healing trauma, all the while trying to discover who I am. It’s a fuck ton of layers with surprises around every corner. I have gone from having no words to creating abstract art because nothing can express this painfully rewarding journey I am on. It is difficult to remember the new lessons learned because the toxicity was ingrained but with gentleness and forgiveness I am finding my way. We will get there, one day. I appreciate you sharing so openly of your journey. It makes mine less lonely.

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    1. I have read your comment multiple times because it means so much to me, and resonates so deeply. “Painfully rewarding journey”…. that’s exactly it. I am so grateful you understand. I’m so grateful you are here. Thank you. ❤️❤️

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