It’s not about babies or life. We aren’t stupid, we aren’t blind, we all know it. The overturning of Roe is about oppressing, dehumanizing, ruining, raping, and killing women. With heavy emphasis on the girls and women and all people who can become pregnant who are already the most disenfranchised. When I got sober it was in many ways a great big Fuck You to the patriarchy we live under that can only exist if it keeps women numb, weak, and terrified. Well. I am not numb or weak or terrified anymore.

Pissed? Yeah I’m quite entirely pissed.

But I’m not surprised. Yesterday’s ruling hit like a gut punch to my every internal organ. Knocked the wind out of me. I cried I screamed I lost my shit. But I didn’t drink. I stayed. I stayed here in the goddamn middle of this hellhole shit storm of what doesn’t even pretend to be a democracy anymore. I felt every rage-filled thing. What “conservative” radical white supremacist extremists are doing to the people of this country is calculated and disgusting. It is the most pathetic, easy, cheap, vile thing to go after the women who are already broken, abused, and left for dead by the richest society in the mutherfucking world.

And I felt all of that hatred course through my veins yesterday. I felt all of it in this body that I now know fully and certainly and completely is my own.

Fuck your laws. Fuck your annihilation of my protection, my safety, and my sanity. I own myself and I answer only to me.

25 Replies to “Roe”

  1. Tell it sister. shout it from the roof tops. We are not having it., get their fucking boots off our neck! These sick fucks would have a 12 year old victim of incest give birth. We have to fight for the lives of every female in this country and those who go along with this travesty are a disgrace to their gender..

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      1. I have said for years now that it’s my belief that women and children have/are second class citizens around the world.
        The day after those POS, doing The Puppet Masters bidding [tale for another day] I changed my statement to
        Now women have been relegated to 3rd class just like steerage.


  2. The correction of this horrific tragedy begins at home ladies we need to teach our children to not be what Society tries to teach them to be teach our young men to respect young women our young women how to stand up and defend themselves teach them both about body autonomy enough is enough and if we don’t do something now nothing will change we have to be the voice of reason in the middle of this mess because whether you are pro-life or pro-choice is your choice not anybody else’s!!

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  3. I hope dear Allison. The next election, the women remember. Here in Michigan, they are trying to go back to A 1931 law. The female governor is trying to block the law. It is time to rid the Congress and the Senate of men and women who forgot the people. No-one had the right to tell a women. What to do with her body. Hello dear friend.

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  4. You’re absolutely right. It’s sick and terrifying. I’m not living in the US but this affects everybody else. It emboldens bigoted dickheads all over the place.
    But it’s not the end of it. There’s a fight ahead. I was hoping we’re way over this by now but apparently no, still is still *the* fight.

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  5. Not in the states but even here in Ghana, where we have legal abortions… the complications arising from unsafe abortions practiced outside our health facilities are claiming the lives of so many innocent adolescent girls and young women….. I just imagine if it is made completely illegal, how surging the rates of maternal mortality from illegal abortions would be…

    My heart goes out to the innocent women of rape cases that would have to be raising bastards and children of sexual abuses……. Stay strong our dear women…. “Virtual hug”

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  6. I respect your post. I actually agree with it, but I know I’ll catch shit for saying this. Abortion is not illegal. It goes to the states and if the people want it. Go get enough signatures get it on ballot and vote for it. I know that way sucks but now it’s the only way. Im not trying to be an asshole, you say you BEEN sober. CONGRATS. I have been for ,2 years. If u ever need support … Well I’m here as well…. Good luck
    Don’t take my post wrong i mean no malice


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