Into the Long Weekend (audio)

Hello to new followers, you have all made me so happy. I don’t know why you decided to come along, if it’s the writing or the audio or the sobriety or all of it or whatever other reason, but I’m just grateful to know something here resonated with you. It’s weird these days with authors it’s like we are supposed to have a ‘thing’ like an ‘image’ or an aesthetic or a bunch of fucking clever reels on Instagram or whatever. I am not sure I”m up for all that to be honest. I just want to write ffs. That’s all. Anyway, I thank you for checking out my stuff if you are new here and if you have been hanging out with me for a long while, hello and thank you so much, too.

Heading into the long holiday weekend, I’m thinking about the fact that I will be sailing through it entirely sober. Entirely hangover-free. God, that feels so fucking good to say. To know. To trust.

I have more work to do on the book. I’m told parts of it are ‘stunning’ and ‘brilliant’ and other parts make no sense or need clarification. Some parts need to be shifted around and some other parts need to be nixed altogether. And I am going to do all of that, too. I most totally am. But later. This weekend I’m doing as close to ‘nothing’ as possible. Which really if I think about it, I will be doing a lot of things, just nothing ‘productive.’ I plan to relax. I have a whole line up of beautifully clean, fresh, interesting booze-free drinks to mix up. As my second pot of coffee was brewing this morning, I sliced up a bunch of lemons, limes, and cucumbers to throw into my Pellegrinos throughout the next days How lovely, right?

There will be boating, swimming, eating. Lounging. Beaching. I am desperate to see the ocean glittering underneath the warm sun. Sea gulls. These days, with all of the bullshit that adults call adulting out of my way, I find myself very interested in what the kiddos are interested in. Ice cream. Cotton candy. Goofing off. Running, dancing, laughing. Whispering secrets. Picking flowers. Snapping nature photos. I just want to be enveloped in the sort of misty haze that rolls in along the shoreline in that rose gold hour between afternoon and evening. To be present inside of that… it’s really like a dream.

It has been one hell of a week. And I know our culture is an absolute shit show. I know it’s hell and we are all on fire. And all I did was get sober. And all I am doing is unplugging. But as I slice up a juicy pink grapefruit and place a taste of its sweet-tart pulp onto my tongue, I assure myself that I have come damn far in the name of not trashing myself along with everything else that’s been destroyed and abused in this world. And honestly, that’s not nothing.

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  1. It’s not nothing indeed, in fact it’s everything. While I can’t personally relate to being an alcoholic or writing a book (though I love to write), as previously mentioned I am familiar with alcoholism. I’m familiar with the damage it inflicts and the pain it causes. Lucky for me I have a kidney disease so that if I were to drink alcohol… well then it would quite literally end my life. In my current position I can’t listen to your audio but I discovered you by accident. Browsing the “discover” section on WordPress. Are you an author of other books? What’s the title of your current book? My brain is curious now. Definitely going to go hit that follow button. I enjoy the style in which you write. Honest. Hard around the edges, but you know exactly what you’re gets into. Stunning.

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    1. I am honored and humbled by your beautiful comments and curious presence. I’m thrilled to bits you are here! The spouses of alcoholics hold a very deep and dear place in my heart. We are so blessed to have love and I am so grateful for my husband everyday.
      I do indeed have a book out on Amazon titled Luminae which came out in 2018. The book I’m currently finalizing is titled “A Thousand Is Never Enough: My Early Sobriety Story” … though that title may get workshopped which is why I’ve been hesitant to share the title just yet.
      Please know that your interest and sincerely uplifting comments have meant more to me than I can possibly express. Thank You So. ❤️❤️

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      1. I’ve never written a book (though it’s a dream of mine to do so). I have however been a professional photographer for years and years. Every picture on my blog is mine. I’ll be looking up your book later today when I have better internet. I live in the mountains in the woods where I can hardly get a comment to post or a blog post to come up. Patience is not one of my virtues.

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  2. I think your book is going to be an incredible success, it feeds a desperate hunger in the world for sobriety, honesty, and getting off the cultural merry-go-round living from one hangover to the next. Wishing you all the best as you work on the book and make this dream a reality. Hugs, C

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