What Scares Me Is That I’m Getting Better (audio) (day 87)

You could never drink enough. Even if you gave it everything you had. Threw your whole mind in it, your whole soul, whole body, let it drink you like an ocean of unforgiving power and pain. You could never drink enough to bury yourself for long enough. They tell me poison creates a thirst for itself and I find that funny. I never knew that could be a thing anything was allowed to do let alone me. Drink me in. Take my hands and my skin and swallow it all in like the life of the bottle depended on the life inside of me but I don’t need the drinks. I don’t need your shifty eyes. I don’t need your fucking fake smile. I’m so sorry this happened to you I’m so sorry you hit a wall where most find a gateway. I had no idea you had a problem. The irony in full effect, highlights in your hair drunk beneath the sunlight.

Watching as the ships sail by. Sky blue eye. The tears we learn how not to cry. Bubbles drifting in the wind, iridescent screams. Brittle ivory sleeves. I receive an alert on my phone in the late afternoon. The cloud which once veiled the sun has turned to night and snow is on its way. It isn’t that big deal. The wind nearly bends me sideways but it has been worse before, and much darker. I make a reservation at the same hotel we had our last screaming match in. I remember how you lit my cigarette and told me I was hopeless. I was weak. I was less than the least amount of effort and you know what I did when I took the key? I ran like hell. I came back. Like a fucking fool I came right back. I’m so fucking done coming back. To any of it. To all of it.

I have come far enough now to see that none of it can be the same because if so then all of it is. The oceans of eyes on the slight rays of heat. A summer in the threat of hot winter trees. I walk around the block so many times I could do it with my eyes closed. I could tell you things but you don’t have the time. I have been hurt before. I know what that feels like. Your back to me like a thousand knives. I drag a nail across my lips. I make a scratch on the unlocked door. In the end you want to talk to me about it. As if the words won’t agitate a taste for themselves and ruin a good time like I always did. What scares me is it’s worse than usual. What scares me is that I’m getting better.


Author’s note: Please do not put your shit on mine. I write poetry because I am made of it and I do not ever tame that impulse. Let it be what it is. You wouldn’t lecture a painting on a wall in an art gallery about how to heal itself. Remember I am sharing my art but as personal as that is, I am still some stranger on the internet you know very little about.

12 Replies to “What Scares Me Is That I’m Getting Better (audio) (day 87)”

  1. It is, ans has always been, my intention to relate to your art. Never to compare. If it has ever seemed to the contrary, my apology is real.
    Thank you for your art.

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  2. Fuck the haters girl! You keep doin you. As long as that works for you, who tf cares who might think it doesn’t. I love every piece you share with the world. If you didn’t I wouldn’t be able to read the deepest parts you are just now comfortable enough to share. There’s no shame in it! If ppl can’t tell your blunt asf and out right honest, then they ain’t shit but a hater! Your an inspiration in both categories to me. In my writing as an artist/writer, and also in my determination to keep up the fight with my own personal struggles. Don’t stop. EVER!

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  3. Your author’s note speaks with a resounding volume, that unfortunately, is lost on the deaf… or they would know, one should come to your page… my page… everyone’s page, for the same reason one goes to a museum… to discover… to learn what the artist has to offer… not to use our art to wipe the fecal matter from their mind…!

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