Little pixels of light move in and surround me as the morning begins its flirting with my sleepy eyes. In my dreams, we were on a roller coaster only we didn’t mean to be, we just sort of found ourselves sitting side by side in a tiny box of a wooden seat, clutching the bar in front of us as the rickety thing climbed ever higher and higher into the sky. First we laughed and then we screamed as our frightened insides fell up into the heavens and then soared right back down again, leaving us giggling like children, breathing heavy as our heads went light as feathers.

It is incredible how much of life remains unpredictable and yet so many will try to convince you they have the answers to just about everything under the sun. They will tell you what happiness is and how to get it, what it should look like. They can tell you its ingredients as though one plus one in this mad world of endlessly random tastes and attractions equals a solid two.

But if you listen closely, which you’d not be blamed for not doing to be honest, you will hear what is missing is their ability to describe the way true happiness actually feels. What they are really after is love, or at least affection, but they won’t ever say that because love scares the daylights out of most people and rightly so. Attention is hard to come by these days and you can’t get anywhere in love without attention.

Perhaps this is why I melt a little bit when he surprises me by finding an old establishment which serves peach infused bourbon way out past the rolling farmland, high in the hills of a run down far away town. I’ve been craving peaches for days for some reason. And suddenly here we sit, sipping on this divine nectar in the middle of a late summer afternoon with his fingers tracing the soft curve of my bare knee. As though the trick to love or affection or happiness is nothing tricky at all.

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