Up So Close (audio)

For me, writing and words are everything. They are breath and breathing. Skin and bone and life ever-lasting. If I had a faith, that is to say, if I believed in anything at all, it would have to be in poetry.

There was a line in an old movie, something about the only thing that can turn the darkness into light is poetry. I love that thought but I also love the reverse of it. Poetry which turns down the lights. Poetry that washes over you like the most decadent dark summer storm, forces you inside, into yourself. Into your perversions and your secret delights.

How many run from even the slightest thought of being alone with themselves. Fear the intimacy of their own exotic souls. Maybe that’s why I share my words even when I am sure they are not perfect, not exactly where or how I want them to be. I want to show you it is possible.

To get up so close it burns you.

To touch so softly it murders all the parts of you that resist.

But you will be baptized by the fire which consumes you. You will be made to suffer and to be renewed. You come so close to God that everything anyone ever told you you were falls away entirely and you become emptiness, freedom.

Without limit.




And if you are scared, it’s okay.

I’ll go first.

25 Replies to “Up So Close (audio)”

  1. where to begin … to tell you how much I want and love … your words, and the breathy inside voice reciting them to me, dark and not dark at the same time … you completely take me in and I don’t want to go anywhere else but closer. x

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              1. I could reflect on your book all day…but I definitely don’t want to impose on your beautiful blog space…it’s just such a timely gift, I’m really glad I found you Dear Allison 🙏🏾⚡️✨🍁🧡🦢🌕 Once I have fully read it, I will indeed leave a most deserving review💜

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                1. You are not imposing at all, dearest Lisa. This is a space for words in honor of words and I could not be more grateful to you for the way you are taking care of mine. Please do let me know about your review, I’d be just ecstatic to read it! ♥️🕊

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