Ride Until You Die (audio)

Give me more. Give me everything I want and then add extra on top of that. When I was growing up they promised me bigger is better and whoever dies with the most toys wins. I want more shit to cram into my closets with more shit. Bloody shoes that click across the pavement like crucified extravagance. I want face creams that light my skin up like the motherfucking sun. I want attention and the goddamn riches that come with it. I want my eyes to turn green like American greed.

Starve me, fuck me, drown me in the finest things. Lay me on expensive sheets and kiss me all the way down my waxed and oiled airbrushed legs. Make me a commodity, turn me on by watching me take it all off. This plastic life of trash and violence. Kiss me, baby, I like the way your sadness tastes like some kind of nuclear reactive rain. What we want is what we want because we want it and we want it now. Look me in the mouth. Force your way to the top and take me by the hair until it hurts. Watch my five thousand dollar mascara run down my plush smooth cheeks. I know what gets you off because it gets me off, too.

We haven’t a clue, baby, what happiness is like. We run and we jump and we let them say how high. Powder and power and sex and guns and money and the biggest goddamn swimming pool on the block. Touch me until I’m fancy enough to trade in for something better. Lie to me until I’m free of the madness of the motherfucking truth. All you need is everything as long is it stays dark out all the time.

We can have anything we want as long as we don’t want it to come cheap. We can fuck around forever and get famous on the degradation. We can be neon stars that never burn out in the chemical laboratory jar they call the sky, little pink fatalities, angel, skinny adorable casualties. The life of the party of sanctified ruin, just you and me and everybody, sweet thing, dance til the world ends. Riding out this shit show til we die.

. . . . .

Added audio kinda late, felt a little punchy.

28 Replies to “Ride Until You Die (audio)”

  1. I agree dear Allison.
    “The life of the party of sanctified ruin, just you and me and everybody, sweet thing, dancing til the world ends. Riding out this shit show til we die.”
    Outstanding poetry my friend.

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    1. Yes, please. Yes to all of that. Thank you for seeing everything and still the strange beauty. An ever expanding part of me feels optimism is truly all but dead. I just wanted to encompass that, feed off it. Toy with it a while. 🖤🌹

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  2. Not only are your writings amazing but the audio of you reading it the way it’s supposed to be read is the shit. Your voice matches the mood in your poems perfectly. Never stop. You must continue to feed this craving and starving brain of mine.

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    1. Oh my god your words are so beautiful and kind I could cry. I wish I could say thank you enough, for your taking the precious time, for immersing yourself… for trusting my work. I promise you, sweet dear tallgirl07, I’m not stopping. It’s all for souls like you. 🙏🏻♥️🕊🌹


      1. Your welcome girl. I meant every word I said in that compliment to you about your writing. One thing I totally love is what I call ‘Jazz Poetry’. That’s what I consider your poetry. JAZZ. Anyone that reads your words will forever remember them. I know I will.

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