I Can Give You Anything But Love

As he sings in his gentle androgynous voice, my head fills with images of women smoking cigarettes, lingering, touching their long smooth hair and gripping their tall microphones. Dagger nails and black lipstick.

He says he wants to crawl inside, he says he wants to fuck her slow.

Would you sit with me a little while, stranger clad in shadow. Would you listen as I tell you a sad secret that nobody else can know. About a little girl who could feel the thirsty flowers growing in the center of her soul. They grew and grew so wild until the cage of her small chest was full of petals soft as snow. The pretty press of passion, suffocates her slow.

Can you hear the static in my throat when I whisper to you in soft tones. It is the noise the cosmos makes when it is exhausted of its own gaping expanse.

You exhaust me, baby, in all the ways I need to be spent. Spend me like the money you wish you coulda made, pay me like a hooker, pay me like the rent.

I will make it flow. I will make you feel it, make you never wanna go. They will tell you about the blinking of the stars above, but they don’t know their loneliness. I can feel it when I fall for them from way down here below.

This world is so man-made, collapsing at its mechanical knees. Whatever happened to candy-flavored lip gloss and sky-pink lemonade. He’s much older than me, I know you think that’s wrong. But I love the way he loves me, love it when he takes me home and turns me on.

This life is so much darkness crying for the light. I take my own heart between my teeth and sink them in, sink them in sharp and tight. Your mouth is summer in the jungle rain, baby, won’t you stay all night.

When I sing for you, your head fills with flashes of bodies making love and making war. Shallow is the soul of this desperate hellish place. Fuck me til you have to leave, fuck me til it haunts me in my sleep.

19 Replies to “I Can Give You Anything But Love”

  1. I read this imagining your words as narration over a scene that plays as a fusion of film noir and cabaret. Smoke billows all around, stark contrast of lighting, deeply saturated colors bleeding into shadows, a big band plays tune after tune after tune relentlessly, smells of champagne, gin, and good old whiskey lingers in the air, and in the center of it all – two lovers doing the tango that at times feels like a two bear mambo. They dance with such a gusto that the atmosphere is filled with electrifying passion and tension that is so potent that not only allows a very familiar film noir like cynicism into the mix but also survives it without breaking any unwanted sweat…
    Another stimulating creation that absolutely mesmerizes and ignites the imagination, wondrous Allison. I fucking love it! ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. Oh my god, Danijel…. the way you describe this whole scene, I am entirely captivated. You are an incredible visionary, the way you see things is explosive and passionate, gorgeous. I read your words here multiple times, got lost in them. You had me at *film noir like cynicism* xxx Somehow when I was writing this piece it felt very lyrical, almost intoxicated, like the piece itself was knocking back the gin…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. It’s actually your writing that inspires and ignites the imagination, Allison! I seriously will be searching for some good gin tonight and devour it with your story roaming through my mind. Who knows maybe I will stumble upon a cabaret and a room full of intoxication… 😊😉 Thank you for all the marvelous jolts and awes. ❤️🎵❤️

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          1. I found an amazing gin! Almost 120 proof from New Zealand. It was strong beyond but also perfectly fit as an accompanying drink to this wonderful piece you wrote. 😉😎❤️

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              1. Also, if you stumble upon Scapegrace Gold Dry Gin I highly recommend it. Who knows what marvelous masterpieces might come from under your pen after a slight intoxication that this gin gives you after a few sips… 😉❤️

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  2. Who wants to awaken from such a sleep…? Paradise is what David saw… when his soul noticed Bathsheba from the corner of his eye… so he schemed to have her… took her… when to sleep… and never came back…


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