Body as Teeth

Lying inside of a crater on the moon, I stare up into the vast beauty of the star dusted galaxy and breathe steadier than I ever have. It’s weird without a body, you might think it would feel liberating but you still have sensation so it is difficult to trust what is happening. You still crave the feeling of being touched, of being boundaried, pressed, held against something else. I only know I am lying down because my vision is looking up. This is a dream I have often and sometimes I wish I’d never wake up.

But morning comes as it always does, dissolving itself into me as darkness sifts almost imperceptibly to light. If I do not take the hand of the early morning darkness and give myself to it before it evaporates, the daylight becomes far too much to bear.

I begin to write a poem about desire and stop. My obsessions can be choke holds and unless you are into that sort of thing you might feel like you are drowning, or dying, and hate it. Thrash against it, try to bite and hiss your way out of its clutch. Some people, though, weirdo creatures like me, we get off on that kind of suffocation. It can’t be explained just as it can’t be ignored no matter how hard you try. I know because, for years, I tried.

You think I will save you but I can’t even save myself so please don’t try to be a hero or ever, ever think that I might be. My skin-tight tights are only that and though they may look hot as hell they will only take you as far as the end of the world as you know it. Hot girls. Beautiful women. Pussy. Body parts. Sirens. Portals. Vixens. Death by ecstasy, raging to life against the friction of the meat.

We are born into bodies we learn to dissect. We learn to divide and divide and divide like cancer cells. Like disease. I like women who fixate. I like women who sink their fangs in and hold fast like feral animals to the bones they want. I see how they are crucified for becoming the very monsters they have been turned into against their own will. I see how they reach out and steal the only power they have been allowed in a game of life and death which has been rigged against them from birth, and fashion out of it weaponry. Bait.

We are chained to ourselves. We eat ourselves. We thieve from ourselves.

In dreams where I do not have a body, I still want to be touched. What is this kind of cruelty which invades the psyche so deep. What is this kind of incurable lust which we can’t admit fills and fills and fills us up.

17 Replies to “Body as Teeth”

  1. Even just those lines, as if introducing the piece and therefore not of as great of weight as the end, yet they summon me: morning “dissolving itself into me as darkness sifts almost imperceptibly to light. If I do not take the hand of the early morning darkness and give myself to it before it evaporates, the daylight becomes far too much to bear.” Morning dissolves into you, this elusive state, so easily expected, yet what it does to the dark, and how important it is to embrace that transition–or at least knowingly permit it–lest it hobble the day. Amazing, Allison.
    But then, it moves on to what that very daylight–that damning exposure, eyes of critical multitudes–reveals of the feral night. A woman, chained to the expectations of others, allowed only in individuality that which others deem, well, womanly. Yet at the same time, to condemn the sensual, the sexual, the longing. Of course, because shouldn’t she pristinely offer herself only in chaste servitude? How dare she actually enjoy what her body is capable of feeling? The same pleasure a man might take without condemnation, perhaps only a sly sneer from mates on his behalf: oh, you dog, you. But for a woman–rise sweetly, chastely into the light where you belong. Until we need you to be dark and lurid and lustful. Play the role. Play it well. And accept the labels we apply to you.
    Sorry, Allison, I am again going on and on. Can’t help but think about this piece. And what it says of me. Of us.
    Thank you for this, mo ghràidh.

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    1. The care and contemplation you bring to this piece, dearest Gerorge, feels so reverent and so true. I thank you so very much for that, for your way of approach. While not disrupting a single thing, you notice every connection, every nuance, how I try, I really do try, not to waste anything, not to throw words away but to choose them, select them, on purpose. You humble me, as ever, And I am quite touched and honored that you would allow these words to sink into your most kind, intuitive heart. Please do not be sorry. I am so grateful.  

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