Mating Ritual

It happens like this: I am inspired but then I am bored as fuck and restless for something that gets my creative juices flowing and by that I mean whatever it is you think I do. He knots his long hair in a tight and perfect bun and uses all my fancy hair product to manage its flyaways and make it smell like the lightest, sweetest, most delicious summer afternoon even as we are only here trying to maneuver around each other in the small upstairs bathroom. They say the whole truth about a relationship is just two people sharing the same tiny space. I can promise you that’s not the whole truth of it. I am naked turning the shower to as hot as I can stand it and just as I catch him staring at me in the foggy mirror he slaps my ass and I scowl and smile at the same time. Unsure exactly what’s right or wrong about either of us, let alone us together, I step into the steaming spray of cascading water and swirl the coconut soap suds all around my soft smooth skin.

The sun is shining but it’s cold because of the wind. The wind is pushing the trees around something fierce, one by one like a million fingers pressing them back as far as they will go toward the ground. Spring has finally fully burst forth, all the plants and flowers a lush shade of enthusiastic greens or blushing pinks and purples. As I towel off, I see their sloped petals soaring past the window like little silken boats cast this way and that on a rip roaring gust of fresh morning air. The chimes in the garden next to the weathered angel statue are clattering their sporadic melody like church bells in a high hollow medieval tower.

Somewhere in a land far off, which comes alive only in my mind when it wanders on its own, the witches and warlocks of old worship the return of the light by performing the mating rituals of goddesses and gods frolicking freely in wide open fields and part of my aching ancient heart wishes with every bloody beat of itself to join them in ecstatic dance and revelry. Flesh and fruit, sacrifice and fertilization. As I stare off into an outer space I seem to occupy a bit too often lately, he reappears in the door frame with two mugs of coffee, passing one to me as he takes a sip of his own. When I kiss him on the lips in gratitude and awe, he tastes like the darkest French roasted beans and a thousand suns which blaze and burn and heat my quivering bones.

12 Replies to “Mating Ritual”

  1. Brilliantly sensual writing, tantalizing–time and place bend to you, bow to you. The winds blowing, the blood flowing, lovers, revelers of Inanna, of Dionysus, of Dagda even pleasuring themselves as winds whirl around them and blossoms fill the air and flesh flushes so very deeply. Beautiful.

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    1. Thank you so much for this gorgeous comment, dear George. I am so very grateful you enjoyed all of the undercurrents of this piece, the rush and flow of the ethereal energy… I wish you a most beautiful, magical, and blessed Beltane.

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      1. You knew? What am I saying, of course you knew. I love the fact that you knew. And so, dear Allison, to you and your family… Beannaich: Bless Maiden, Mother, and Crone, taking possession of all to me belonging. Beannaich: the Horned God, the Wild Spirit of the Forest, protecting me in truth and honor. Satisfy my soul and shield my loved ones, blessing every thing and every one, all my land and my surroundings. Great gods who create and bring life to all, I ask for your blessings on this day of fire. Bho mhuir, gu muir, agus bun gach allt, bho thonn gu tonn, agus bonn gach steallt. (From sea to sea, and to the mouth of every river, from wave to wave, and the base of every waterfall.) Blessings.

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