New Podcast Episode: How to 2020 at the End

This is my dear cousin Mark, seen here fearlessly representing the entirety of 2020 in a single breathtaking image.

We are both artists and writers and trying to make it through 2020 just like you.

We host a podcast called Spacetrash to help us smile and breathe while clinging to the last shreds of our sanity.

Our newest episode – in which we discuss mask etiquette, war with Swiss chocolate, why writers and artists have a hard time going over their previous works, what’s in my next book, Mark’s astonishing confession, the simple recipe for a stellar apple pie and/or essay collection, HBO’s hideous glamorous and cathartic “The Undoing”, and so much more – is on Spotify now.

Grab a drink and come hang out!

And remember, as someone wise whom I don’t know on Twitter once said:

P.S. Here is the link to the Astronomy Photo of the Day website which we reference at the end of this episode. Enjoy!

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