Coming Clean: Say What Needs to Be Said

To speak your truth out loud changes the molecules of the atmosphere inside of you, and outside of you.

This is the part of writing that keeps writers coming back. It’s electrical. Molecular, biological. In the forming of the thoughts, the critical thinking, observations, research, the thirst and hunger for knowledge, for perspective.

Perhaps this is why those in the heights of power don’t want us to talk about politics. They don’t want us to imagine a better, fairer, kinder way.

They don’t want us to have a voice.

Because they know that once we have all of that, once we have a clear vision and the ability to articulate it compellingly, we become powerful, too. We become much harder to control, to silence, to intimidate, to crush.

As of this writing, there are fourteen days left until November 3rd. Once these fourteen days are over, they are gone forever. What has been said and done to bring about our future will have been said and done and laid to rest.

If there are things you feel bubbling up inside of you, truths you want to speak, influence you want to have over the outcome of this choice we must all make about the future of our country and the world, and the life we will lead going forward into 2021 and beyond, it is time to say them out loud.

The hard conversations. The pushing past our comfort zones to engage in a kind of speak that may be brand new, it may feel cumbersome, it may feel overwhelming.

It is time to say the thing that up until now you were afraid to say.

To make little quakes in the universe with your thoughts and words and feelings. To electrify the atmosphere within and around you. To alter the biology of this nation, this society, this collective experiment.

A strange and oddly beautiful thing has happened to me over the course of the past few weeks as I endeavored to express my perspectives and observations, views and feelings, surrounding the upcoming US election.

I knew it would be unsettling in some ways for me to speak about politics in such naked fashion, to essentially say the things I had been thinking inside silently for so long.

What I did not expect or see coming was how I would be changed, transformed, even, by doing so. When you go where you feel you don’t belong and stick it out, you find you do belong. You belong everywhere, in all things, in all situations, where you feel called to be.

Not because you are a savior or prophet or some sort of anointed guru with all the answers, but because you are human. All of this world is your world. All of the topics are your topics to wrangle with should you so choose.

This is not just about one election. This is about your life. What you allow yourself to be and become. What you believe matters. What is at the very heart and soul and core of you.

Will you speak the truth even if your voice shakes? Even if it means you will have to stand alone in some instances? Stand out and stand up?

The days are growing short and the time is now or never. Perhaps the person you want to be is the person you are already.

You just have to say it out loud.



Photo by Taylor Harding

17 Replies to “Coming Clean: Say What Needs to Be Said”

  1. Another powerful and spot on message that energizes and inspires. Speaking up now when it matters is a step closer to a better world for it adds to the light that defies the surrounding darkness. You are absolutely right that too many individuals that hold power desire for the masses to stay silent or worse yet just shut up and mindlessly follow no matter how insane, ignorant, hateful and dividing their rhetoric and actions are. Staying silent hurts more than speaking out despite knowing there is a danger of violence or death even. So, fuck yes! Speak up! Don’t hold back! Future depends on it. Even if the outcome will be disappointing, the actions and words against oppression, ignorance, and hatred expressed now will plant seeds for the future light. Rock on, marvelous sister! Today and always! ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. Your energy is such a force, my fierce brother. And your insightful words make me think so many thoughts…. I never thought we would live through times like these, revolution, turmoil, .. the danger of violence. It all frightens me, to be sincere with you… but Rock On we must, we have got to remember who we truly are and never let go… all of this madness, we are in it now, it doesn’t wait until you are *ready*…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. It is absolutely frightening. Just the fact that it got so bad so fast borders unreal or better yet an awful nightmare. This man , the power of conspiracy theories and of course the lies (no matter how blatant and refuted they get) that are so easily spewed created the most toxic and scary environment possible. It’s an intimidation tactic. It worked for a while. But not anymore. People that were silenced or chose silence before are rising up. Speaking up. Finally! We will be victorious! Your bravery is inspiring! It powers the hearts and souls! To act. To do. To speak up. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Really loved this Allison!!! Especially your ending lines:
    “The days are growing short and the time is now or never. Perhaps the person you want to be is the person you are already.

    You just have to say it out loud.”

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      1. I so agree, It’s Now or Never! Another four years would be the end of America’s democracy for sure! I’m so glad and proud that you are stepping up and saying what needs to be said!! What a Warrior! you are!! Yeah!!!😁👍✨✨

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