Geometry of Desire

We come to understand the triangulation of desire. We see the lover, the beloved, and the obstacle which separates them from one another. Desire requires this separation, without it the structure of Eros collapses in upon itself.

The lovers wish to remove the barrier, dissolve the boundaries, to become one. This is the nature of the craving, the need for union, the longing for dissolution of the boundary. The aching for sacred violation.

And this, of course, is impossible. All time cannot be removed between the two, all space cannot be destroyed, for we are human creatures, bodies and minds and souls, made of our own flesh and bone and skin and psyche.

We are destined to remain within ourselves, to remain individual selves. All the while, within each of us, a longing which can never be fulfilled, never be satisfied.

There are some of us who seek for even the slightest satiation of these needs, sparking, burning, flashing in the dark.

And here we have the poetry that is desire. The poetics of loss, of need, of want, of the tragic beauty of the bittersweet emptiness.

Star gazers. Seekers of knowledge, tasters of the forbidden fruit. Practitioners of the art of seduction.

We beckon, we sing our siren songs for no one who can save us from ourselves.


Desirer of the desire, wanter of the want.





Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy


29 Replies to “Geometry of Desire”

  1. Very nice this article of yours translated and read by the sea. Glorious🖤🥀🖤
    Love the photo🖤🌹🖤
    Much love to you dear,xo

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    1. Oh my sweet, I am jealous of your reading by the sea, that sounds divine. 😍🖤🌹 Thank you always for your kind words about my words. ♥️🥀 I love this photo, too, the shape of the body, precious. Sending you much love across the sea…. xo🖤💜❤️🕊🕊🕊

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  2. Another thought provoking and soul soothing wordsmithery that vibrates within. Love and oneness is often interconnected to a point of becoming a burden for it implies we shed parts of self because love is powerful enough to fill in all of the gaps and gashes that came into existence after the shedding. Yet at the same time the full self yearns for love and is prepared make sacrifices to know and feel love. Most of the time though we convince the self that we are prepared when in fact what we desire is a very specific idea of love that again most of the time no one but our self gets. It makes me wonder if the only true obstacle is the full self (and yes this thinking presupposes that the beloved actually want to be with us…)? I wonder if all the failings and consequentially the pains that failed love caused can eventually turn us into colder beings that are perpetually under attack by cynicism that slowly gains more meaningful influence within our selves. It’s complicated because on one hand we wish to remain as wholesome self as possible (this consequentially leads to rejection of love) and then at the same time we also desire to experience love that manifests through ultimate morphing with the beloved one – morphing into one… Thank you for sharing this. It means a lot. 🖤

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    1. It is so wonderful to hear from you, my kind sweet friend. I have read your comment many times, and follow each of your insightful thoughts, I thank you for sharing them here with me. As I wade into my studies of eros, desire, I am fascinated still by the concept of love versus desire, where they merge, where they diverge. Desire without love and the reverse… the idea of pleasure/pain, longing/uniting… it is all so much more prismatic than society would let us believe. ❤ ❤

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  3. Couldn’t pick out just a line or two that I liked.

    Ouroboros indeed, Allison. That which the Lover and Beloved use to explore life and each other – time, space, bodies, minds, souls, flesh, bone, skin and psyche – become the very obstacle and separation needed to continue the cycle.


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