The Beat Goes On

In the early morning light as it cuts corners into stark shapes along the buildings arranged in rows, a kind of hot energy bends and breaks itself upon the edges of the shadows. I hear and see things they cannot perceive and it both drains and fortifies me.

Watch as the sun rises and falls, remember it stays the same, remember it is motionless and without need. White as cold ice melting at the bottom of a late night glass.

As I fold my few things into a suitcase, the ocean plays itself in soft foam waves in my mind. Where in the world can we ever be free? We try and we try and we run the pavement.

He pours his coffee in the kitchen, I hear the mug slide onto the marble counter and something inside of me echoes inside of his daily routine. How do we tear our hearts out of this place.

Sweet froths of pleasure sewn into the pain.

Landscapes, seascapes, the heart is a difficult and unnatural terrain. A summer of protests, the heat of violence, injustice, screaming and wrecking and pleading in the steaming streets.

As I was taking down the words of Janaya Khan, something in their beauty tore a fire straight down the center of me. The Future. Their words full of fists, their soul full of dazzling light. I want to be changed. I want their hands on my skin, my wrists, my face, fingers in my blood.

Don’t let me stay too long; don’t let me stay the same. They say the only punch that hurts is the one you don’t see coming.

Eyes open now, beloved.

Head up now, child.

It’s time we learned ourselves a tough lesson.

It’s time we held each other closer to the flames.

9 Replies to “The Beat Goes On”

  1. I love your fabulous and precise language, categorical and with a magic touch in each word. Magical not only in the poetic sense but in the alchemical sense as well: the word is not something that is designated: “it is” what it designates.

    Have a luminous day, Allison!

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