The Whole of Who You Are

Ryan Moreno

It’s all connected. Your art. Your expression. Your fear. Your love. Your lust. Your sin. Your addiction. Your joy. Your power. Your beauty. Your friendships. Your lovers. Your interests. Your dreams. Your shame. Your needs. Your wants. Your voice. Your visions. Your escapes. What you hide. What you share. What you offer. What you deny. What you withhold. What you study. What you focus on. What you value. What you worship. What you believe. What you refuse to accept about who you are. The illusion is that you have to choose. Your soul comes not in pieces, but whole. The secret is to open your heart and mind and being to all of it. To swallow it whole, and accept and accept and accept. This is to heal. This is to recover, which can also mean to reclaim, to re-discover, to reveal, to uncover, to get back all of who you are.

22 Replies to “The Whole of Who You Are”

  1. It happens that reading your articles I get the inspiration to create a post. You are a source of creativity🌹
    Love to you dear❤️💜🖤

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      1. Thanks for the nice words you’re sweet.
        I like reading what you write sometimes I get an idea to create a post from your quote, title, words.
        I wish you all the best.
        Love to you❤️🖤🌹

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      1. So happy it pleased you, Allison!! Always glad to share your posts with followers!!! How have you been? Safe and well I’m hoping!! Have you been up to anything fun or interesting, lately? Still abiding by stay at home here.
        Getting a little Stir Crazy! Up for me tempting you for audio recording?? Ha!
        I have to ask? I learned a long time ago that in so many important and fun things in life – “If you never ask, you never get, and besides the worst that can happen is that you will just hear a NO!” Just checking. How is your little fur ball doing?

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