On the Edge of Nothing Certain

Morning sun intrudes. The blank screen glows dull in comparison while neither offer a lick of inspiration. The stick figure cursor blinks, blinks, blinks and some things never seem to change.

Before I even think to do it myself, he brings me a second cup of coffee and when he kisses me I drown in that beautiful mouth. There are some kisses which need nothing else before or after. He knows this, and I love this madly about him.

The coffee is strong as I sip while gazing out across the tree tops, they bend this way and that with the rush of a strong gust of cool wind. It’s all too bright, it all causes my eyes to change. The spring breeze sweeps in across a handmade Italian statue of the blessed virgin, curtains billowing into my quiet study.

I think about all the women I have been. All the women in me. There is the cusp of something in the smallness of the hours I try to curl my fingers around. Something to grasp, something to take hold of to pull me up out of this hazy confusion which seems to have overtaken me.

Writing is impossible. The words, each and every word is tough as nails. The days stretch out languid before me. I fill them with books and try to imagine what comes next. I think, perhaps too hard, perhaps not hard enough, about the things we can control and the things we cannot. Everyone seems to draw their own conclusions.

Anger and fear begin to overwhelm so I shut everything down. Close the media feeds, click off the screens. Video faces of friends, bored and alone making cocktails, making no plans for nothing at all.

The distance between this fresh morning and the rest of what is to come is impossible to measure. We are unsure in the handling of the minutes inside our daily lives. We are empty pages, little cursors blinking and hesitant. Walking alone out onto the edge of nothing certain yet to come.

6 Replies to “On the Edge of Nothing Certain”

  1. Allison the way you write is a full on riot on my heart, that can barely stand your assault, on my senses and I am overwhelmed by the emotion I buried away on those lonely nights of long ago…

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    1. Dear Jei, I am so touched and pleased that my writing resonates so deeply with you, so as to unearth long buried emotions… the heart is a tangle of secrets, some even to ourselves. Thank you for being so open to these words.

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