Lucifer (audio)

Leaning up against a massive gravestone, thick gray marble half as tall as you are, you light up a cigarette and pull the collar of your long coat tighter around your neck. The mist in the air is cool as it mingles with the scent of damp grass, mossy earth. It’s too late to be out here in the pitch dark but as I wind my way through the cemetery, I can just make out the outline of your tall slim silhouette as my vision adjusts. Watching the curve of your hand move slowly from your mouth to your side, all I want is to fall into you like death. Even my ribs yearn for you, even my gums itch for the chance to sink my teeth into the stoic heat of you. I walk with a metallic heaviness no one in this world understands, it is mine and mine alone to bear. Such is this life. Such is the nature of pain. In my soul I carry the bones and the secrets locked away in order to keep pace with a world which has been lobbing off pieces of itself for ages. My heart aches but only as often as it beats. Maybe that’s why this soft wet burial place enraptures me, the cold seduction of the quietness of the ending of everything. I listen to the branches of the sodden empty trees which creak without motion, I can feel their wooden lives stiff and rigid in my veins. Coming up close to you, I take your cigarette between my fingers. Our breathing mingles together. Standing so close to the animal in you is surreal and yet it snaps my entire being to immediate life. Have you any idea the blade that you are, the knife which twists and grazes all over my skin. You touch me without a sound. With your feathered breath you enter me deep and spread your glorious wings until I am stretched with this wild beg I have become for you. You do not say anything because everything that you are pours forth from you without relent, without invitation or coaxing. Cloaked in a black hood, you are a shadow in the flesh, the skin on your face, your neck, your chest, dewy and flawless, your eyes shine and flash like search lights as they flicker over my body. If you are the cup, I will kneel down and drink of you. If you are the answer, I will open my wrists and bleed for you. I watch as you trace an outstretched finger along the name etched into the headstone. With the same finger you trace my lips slow and I begin to tremble. It’s the way you handle me like dangling me over the edge. It’s the things you do to me, the curse of the seduction which I seethe for and I dread.

37 Replies to “Lucifer (audio)”

  1. You’re wonderful I like it, I like it and it’s so dark. “Even my ribs crave you.”
    I could do dozens of posts with your words🌹
    I love you unconditional,Marie❤️🖤🌹

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    1. I would love to see what you could create with my words, dear Soul. Your mind is wild and wonderful and deep. I love venturing into the dark worlds…. 🖤🌹🖤🌹 I adore you, dear friend. Your words make me so happy. Sending you love this Wednesday. ❤️🖤🖤❤️🌹🌹

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  2. Marie, thanks for the nice words, I can match your words with a photo, an image, a work of art that represents the thought.
    I am also happy to have made your acquaintance I don’t remember how, it will have been the darkness that guided me.
    Thanks again, Love to you🖤🖤❤️❤️🌹🌹🖤❣️💜

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    1. The works of art, images, and photos you choose are always so meaningful, beautiful, Soulful. Just as your name, so is your magnificent art. ❤ I don't remember how we met, creatures of the darkness…we find each other….we see with a special kind of nocturnal eyes. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Wow how nice, thank you let me say that you are the only beautiful thing that entertains me in this dark moment. Thanks again🙂🙏❤️🖤

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        1. You are so lovely, Soul. I love to entertain, in these dark times we must enchant one another…. free our minds, our dreams, fantasies….artists will show the way, sweet friend. You will show them the way to embrace the shadows and make them dance…💀🖤❤️🌹💀🖤🥀

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  3. I often come here, I really like this story of yours. And then there is your enchanting voice like a mermaid that calls those who find themselves crossing your space.
    I love you ❤️🖤🌹

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  4. Hello dear, slowly I try like many to return to normal,
    Covid 19 permitting.
    I hope you are going through a better time.
    Wishing you well dear friend❤️🌹

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    1. Hello my dear Soul, so glad you are able to slowly return to some things. Here we are still in lock down, hopefully soon we will also emerge, slowly. Thank you so much for your kind words and heart. Wishing you well, sweet friend, always. ❤ ❤

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