Anything That Burns You (audio)

Lighting a cigarette as I sit against the tall windows, I am watching the street cars sliding along down below, the thin glass cold against my bare shoulder. They said it was supposed to snow around dusk and sure enough, in the final strokes of evening, the twilight sky has turned reddish purple as the snowflakes begin to fall in earnest. Street lights and crystal globes glittering behind me, I turn to look at you as you work a small flame in the fireplace, coaxing it into a soft roar. I swallow my whiskey and walk to you, feeling the delicious warmth smother my insides. The way you look at me tugs at everything tender. In your eyes I feel beautiful even as the stuff of violence and lust clutches in my chest. Embers flashing and crackling through the smoke, the darkened room becomes the outer reaches of the universe and we are satellites in orbit high above the earth, my hands skim down your arms as we kiss, our tongues dancing, tasting, searching each other. The taste of you is ocean in winter, is the clarity of sunlight falling through pines in a secluded wood. Easily, forcefully, you pin my hands, you lay me down. It is deliberate in its freedom, the motions of your body as you hunt and devour, the pleasure you take from me. What we have is strange and twisted. What we create tears at the skin, drives waves of crimson tides through the body and floods over the mind. Sweet brutality of touch. I bloom and bear fruit at your command. Shadows moving along the walls, shadows full of protruding eyes, observant in the darkness. As night falls all around us, snow swirling in prismatic cyclones, you take me into the fear, your breath is fire in my veins. You take and you take and you take from me, anything that burns you.

19 Replies to “Anything That Burns You (audio)”

  1. This leaves me absolutely breathless… To hear the magic that one though can only exist on the paper, within… to hear it rise up into another dimension. Spoken perfection that captivates every fiber of one’s existence. It’s not beautiful. It’s not alluring. It’s not magical. It’s actually fucking beautiful! Fucking alluring. Fucking magical. Voice. Words. Gah. You are amazing beyond.

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    1. I could not be more humbled or joyfilled for your incredible comment, my dear friend. That you enjoy this reading, that it so moves you to feel all the feels, that means everything to me. It is why I so love reading for you. Writing for you. Please know how deeply truly grateful I am. ❤ ❤

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      1. It’s such a gift to be able to experience your words in a whole new way. To say my cheeks were flushed and heart beat racing would be an absolute understatement! Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart and soul. ❤️

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    1. Thank you ever so much, James. I was so happy to wake to this comment from you. My voice is not new to you, so I am truly pleased to know you enjoy my readings. The plan is to do more…storytelling just feels like the right thing right now. Sending you love. x

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