Riches to Rags

Crawling out of bed and into the light of the soft pale moon, I sit at my open window gazing up at a gray swatch of clouds moving past. The truth about me lives somewhere deep inside but all my life I’ve had to try very hard to get to it. You might think as a writer it would come easily to me but it doesn’t. I circle too much and never seem to land. Hovering above the world as if on a string, I observe the madness down below and lose my sense of self, which is disorienting because your sense of self is all you ever really have in any given moment. Thinking of you while smoking a cigarette, I tap the ashes into a small flat tin on which is painted some sort of an exotic bird, blue, purple, and golden feathers draped long and elegant over the branch of a pink flowering tree. There is dirt in the beautiful and magic in the filth and no one showed me the splendor of that sultry paradox more vividly than you once did. In your hands I became the muse, in your gaze I became the apex of all creation. You had a way which was sinister, devastating, alluring in its dark command. You could reduce me and raise me up in the same heartbeat as you took me to the edges of my very being, pushed me just to watch me fall. Cut me just to admire my pieces, one by one fondled my vulnerabilities under dim shadowy light. How I worshiped the devil in you, how the smell of you ruptured me sweet. But even in bad dreams the clock strikes twelve. My richness turns to rags and the empty streets begin to twinkle in the gray morning silence. In every lover a tsunami swells. People change and bodies disintegrate. The way of rebirth is the way of destruction and history is bound to repeat itself even despite our best intentions.

13 Replies to “Riches to Rags”

  1. “The way of rebirth is the way of destruction and history is bound to repeat itself even despite our best intentions.”…. “How true is this quote.”
    You are great❤️🖤🌹

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  2. “People change and bodies disintegrate.” Perhaps this sentence is the most difficult to swallow. It’s as if fully accepting it, or better yet internalizing it, somehow devalues even more than the hurt caused by this someone so unbelievably perfect in some ways and so incredibly fucked up in other ways…

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        1. Such marvelous and breathtaking wordsmithery deserves much much more than just a rat race powered quick glance and supersonic tap on the star underneath. It’s not just your incredible way with words. It’s that one can meditate over them for they gush raw honesty, delicate vulnerability, and reinvigorating familiarity that heals even the deepest of wounds. 🙏❤️🙏

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