Tough Guy (audio / explicit)

Never enough time to do what you want, you trade a flashy smile for a few moments to yourself in peace. Is it you or is it them or is it the encroaching of everything that has you short of patience with the mundane? You know the stares and the blankness which surrounds you so well you can see it with your eyes closed. It curls around you as you sleep. You feel it in the backdrop of the dreams you once had which you let fall away like tissue paper snowflakes disappear on the warm cheek of a woman you once knew to whom you no longer speak. All of those wishes for grandness, for a way to touch the sky and dance along the edges of a drunken starry night. The way your hands slid easily up her shirt and encircled her perfect milky breasts as she straddled you in the backseat of your beat up old hatchback, Radiohead, vodka, cigarettes. One at a time your tongue thick upon each nipple, your teeth sunk deep into her cinnamon flesh until you felt her pulse quicken as she sucks at the empty air for breath. You with your angry bloodshot eyes and she with the tight body ticking like a clock. With every thrust you make her count backwards from the end of innocence. Now there is no time like the present and there’s so little hope for a future as the world drapes a noose around itself while humming holiday classics. Sinatra, martinis, pantyhose, mobsters, excess. And for all the elegance she displays somewhere out there where you’re not allowed to be, you can still feel her trembling skin underneath your fingernails, taste the sweetness of her heavenly folds as she lay open, blossoming before you, begging for you to stop. Not to stop. The mind is a dangerous place without escape, your addictions spread inside your bones like wildfire. And as you walk along the streets the swollen winter sky turns from white to gray to black. The traffic lights blinking are signals you’re sending to your own tired heart. Walk. Don’t walk. Yes, no, maybe, try again later. Go, baby, go, and don’t you ever, ever look back.

18 Replies to “Tough Guy (audio / explicit)”

    1. I know it, sweet friend. Please know I am here for you, thinking of you. ❤ Things for me are okay, the situation in USA is increasingly dire, so we watch and wait indoors and hope to stay safe. You said the other day you have a studio? Is it an art studio, or music? I was curious… 🙂

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  1. I followed a bit the events of your country through the media I am very sorry I love your country and I take this opportunity through you to thank your country for the help and solidarity. Which does not do Europe with its selfishness.
    I have a real estate studio, I was selling 6 hectares of land before covid 19 but now I’m stuck😞😞

    Thank you very much for your lovely words you are beautiful ❤️❤️🌹

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    1. Thank you for your kind words about my country, at our best we are incredibly caring and generous. Sadly, though, we have a leader right now who is cruel and unfit, it is chaos and greed at the top. It is very upsetting, frightening. Selfishness is not only in Europe, I am afraid. But the doctors, the nurses, the scientists, the brave leaders and truth tellers, these are the true heroes, heroines. I put my faith in them, they are warriors. It is war time, it feels….
      Oh real estate, it is a very difficult time. I’m so sorry. 😦
      And you are welcome, thank you for listening. What can we do but keep making beautiful art… ❤ ❤ ❤

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