What Else Is There But This (audio)

If you had one hour what would you give to it? If you had only one day where would you live in it? The sky is underground today. My sighs are long and low and grieving. It is a regular day in an erratic time where we seek solace in other people we cannot touch. I touch the light as it suffuses through my window. I wear a sundress in the middle of winter. I touch my own hands with the colors fading in and out of the dreams I’m escaping to. I once knew a man who told me I tasted like poetry, pressed my long hair back behind my neck. I looked at him with hope filled eyes, told him I know I don’t belong here as the tears came flooding through like knives. If you found an hour falling like rain, would you open your mouth and drink of it. Would you like to watch me dance, would you like to know if I can still laugh after all this is over. I would like to know one thing: what are you reading. What are you doing behind that door, behind those eyes which gaze out across an empty landscape. In the story of my life I weave moments together and then pull them apart. I look myself over in the mirror. Place my necklace on the dresser. Wait for answers to invisible questions. I am afraid to move. I am afraid I will burn. I am frightened of the things I need. To say. To need. Across the globe, they climb into their beds. The stars blink anonymous overhead. I could write for you, would that change anything? I could read for you, would that make it easier to breathe? If I had an hour what would I give to it. If I could only say the words. If not poetry, what else is there to be.

24 Replies to “What Else Is There But This (audio)”

  1. Normally i don’t read a lot of sensual material.
    I used to know someone like you. Who wrote like you. Who spoke like you. Sadly, she passed away about 12 years ago.
    Consequently, I find you very mesmerizing.

    You should be charging people to listen to your stores.

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    1. Dear Charles, your message means more to me than words can say. I am very deeply sorry for your loss, I can tell she was special to you. And that you find solace in my words, in my voice, I am beyond grateful. ❤ I have thought about exchanging my art for money. With the state of the world, it may be time for me to do so, and your gentle and timely encouragement means so very much to me, I thank you sincerely. Please be well, and take good care. ❤ ❤


    1. Dear Darius, I about jumped out of my skin for your encouragement, thank you so very much. With my heart and soul, and with the current isolated state of the world, I would love to pursue VO work from home but I haven’t any idea where to start. If you are able to guide me in any way I would be so very grateful. Thank you again, and I hope you are well. ❤

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      1. You’re already past the first deal-breaker that most people can’t fix: Your recording sounds pretty clean, without echo or background noise. Now you just need to get out there and let everybody know you’re available! Better than any info I can give you here, is the gazillion Youtube videos and other resources about VO. Bill DeWees and Booth Junkie are good starters. Just check it out and you’ll see what I mean. Getting into VO isn’t easy, but like I said, you’re already off to a very good start!

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        1. Yes, I need more padding in the room I am in, it’s just blankets to cover the wood floors. I literally cannot thank you enough, Darius! You are so kind and generous to share this information with me. I will start with these just as you say. I have only recorded these stories of mine because I love to do it, to give life, But if I could do more of it I would be over the moon. ❤

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          1. Your voice sounds authentic, and that’s what sells these days. Just be patient, and prepare to do some tedious work. It took me about three years to go full-time as a VO guy, but it turned into a great career over the last ten years. My only regret is I didn’t start doing it twenty years ago! Haha

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  2. You are a walking Poet Allison!! But poetry can never define you because you are much more than that! Thank you for this love post! There are so many one liners in here I melt over! You are amazing!! ❤️

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      1. … and I listen hypnotized.
        Before I was on the edge but now I let myself go … into the unknown.🙂
        The image is amazing which I like.
        Very dark🖤🌹🖤

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    1. My dear Soul, I cannot pursue an attraction with you, but I would very much like to continue this friendship, this meeting of minds. You are so wonderful and I love speaking with you. Your mind and art feels so familiar to me, like you see things very much the way that I see them. I find all of your things magical, and from my heart I wish you all the very best of everything, always. Thank you for being out there, my kind friend, it is beautiful to me. ❤ ❤


    1. I saw what you wrote on your post today, that the problem is not the darkness, it is the greed. I know just what you mean, Soul. I agree with you 100%, I feel like I am losing a grip on what is left of this world. I am glad you have your faithful companion. So sweet. ❤

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