Time Apart

I have to be away from the writing for about a week and I am dreading it. I don’t know why I am telling you this but I don’t think anyone understands except for writers, what it is like to have to put down the pen for a while. Even if it’s just a handful of days. It feels like severing part of me, the truest deepest most loving part of me, and leaving it behind. In any case. Hopefully maybe there are some rare times when, if you can bear it, the time apart makes the time back together even sweeter.

12 Replies to “Time Apart”

  1. I completely understand and feel the same way about taking a break from writing. They can take the pen out of the writer but never the writer out of the … pen? Anyway, you’re always a writer wherever you go. Best to you, Allison! I love your accompanying photos, btw! 🙂

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  2. A writer never stops writing. Under the surface words are always bubbling up and connecting, even when he or she are apparently unaware, busy in a daily task, making love or hate, even asleep — something in the writer is always awake, something in the writer is always writing, sitting at the desk of his or her existence divulging secrets onto the white paper of that other world, the met-paper. A writer is an ink always on fire, always burning.

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