Stirring Up Trouble

I pull on little black lace panties because I’ve decided it’s a night for stirring up trouble and as you watch me trying to select a dress from your position on the bed, you light a cigarette and adjust the growing discomfort between your legs. I tell you not to watch but you don’t listen to my protest nor do I expect you to because we both know I like how it feels to be swallowed in by your eyes, inch by inch. I step into heels as I lean into the closet, certain the outfit I crave is in there somewhere just out of reach. Lately I’ve been scattered. Some kind of eerie vibe in the start of this new decade is messing with my head and I’ve been over thinking even the smallest details, while totally spacing out about the simplest of activities. Just this morning I threw my car keys in the trash before realizing there’s no way to start a car with a crumpled wad of paper recyclables. There is a war out there looming on the nuclear horizon and there is a war inside me between who I was and who I would like to become before we’re all blown to charred bits, and even standing in my over-stuffed closet in the nearly nude isn’t enough to stop my palms from sweating over all of it. But then I hear the growl in your gorgeous voice.
‘Turn around.’
Obedient and curious, I straighten myself up and turn slowly to find you unzipped and stroking your thick self. I raise an eyebrow and stay right where I am, widening my stance. These heels make my legs go on for days and the sight of your throbbing pleasure as you look at me makes my nipples hard as diamonds.
‘Come closer.’
I part my cherry lips, suck in a quick gasp of smoke tinged air, and walk to the edge of the bed next to you as my mind begins to soften into a beautiful buzzing haze. Placing your cigarette into my mouth, you tell me to ‘suck’ and I inhale a nice deep drag. God that tastes so good. And I know it’s bad but maybe so am I and that’s just the way things go. As you place your firm palm upon my sex, I know you feel my arousal hot and damp through thin lace.
‘Finish the cigarette and then that pretty mouth is mine, angel.’
You brush the lace aside and with three fingers you press and stroke the sweet blossoming between my naked thighs as you continue to stroke yourself. Crushing out my smoke, I take a swallow from your whiskey neat and finally my mind is somewhere delicious, somewhere sighing safely inside of your instructive power. Pinning both of my hands behind my back with one of yours, you look me in the eyes, fires of aching desire burning fervently there between us. My adoration is so full inside my chest I can feel tears welling in my eyes. Just to please you, to bring you release is my release from this cruel world. How you capture me, unlock me, restrain, and free me.
‘Why don’t you settle down upon those trembling knees and show me what that sexy mouth is for.’
Fuck. Definitely trouble.

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