// Here Is The Flood (Audiofiles) //



This is an excerpt from “Here Is The Flood” — one of the opening pieces in my upcoming book Luminae.  You can click play to hear me read the full piece.

I find that one of the hardest things to do is to try to speak about why I write. For me it’s about going deep enough within to a place where one can find the breathtaking beauty in pangs of sorrow, and terrible longing even inside joy.  Whenever I write it seems more and more is revealed to me about the paradox of what we are as humans. Though I know I’ll never be able to grasp it in full, I believe somewhere in the search for myself lies the truth of who I am. It is that elusive truth which keeps me coming back to the page.

I hope you enjoy this piece. I hope it sparks something creative inside of you.

Luminae will be available on Amazon beginning November 15th.


2 Replies to “// Here Is The Flood (Audiofiles) //”

  1. I am only just now noticing my insides. In a flood of knowing, learning. In a flood of tears and fears and still, yes, hopes. There is so much of love here. So much of seeing, recognizing. This is me. Torrents. My god. I don’t think I have heard so much of you in any single piece before. This is amazing. What will kill is all is held inside. Crashing. Crashing. The sounds and colors of it all. The recognition of it all. This was an amazingly brave piece to write and recite.

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