// untitled //

are you okay
it seems like the corners of your eyes
have fallen
it seems like the way you hold onto my hand is
flowers dying on the cherry wooden table
next to a beautiful vase
by the window left
like curtains alone with the breeze.

up against the wall i thought i heard the sounds of time
footsteps coming down the hall
are you okay
when i’m in here they don’t tell me anything

the carpets are greensea and the dust
chokes the daylight.
i’m turning in my sleep
footsteps leaving down the back stairs.
screen your calls, you have no more to say but
i am waiting and the calls cannot get through
i’ve disconnected all the lines
not knowing is not better
(are you okay?)

but i’m afraid there will be no answer
so i keep the questions folded in small creases
inside my paperfoil heart.
i’m okay i’m okay i’m okay.



6 thoughts on “// untitled //

  1. jimmicampkin

    I like the imagery of a hand-hold dying like a vase of flowers. I can think back to a particular relationship where I knew it was on the skids when I noticed her grasp of my hand getting weaker and weaker Just before the end I felt like I was holding a leaf.


  2. David

    Dear Allison, sometimes I wonder what brought me here. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or some kind of providence. I want to stay with here (with you) no matter what. Will you let me stay? Are you okay?



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