// At the Center of the Blood //

You are dying

in the palms of my hands,

they clutch the throat while



And as I hold you there I am

dying in the center of your heart.

At the center of the blood

of this collective single heart a whisper:

what is coming has gone,

what is born is undone,

what you reach for reaches



This life is feeding itself to death,

death into life.

What hurts us is the feeding,

what hurts most

is the way the heart

keeps beating.




4 thoughts on “// At the Center of the Blood //

  1. awyldlovenote

    Omg!! I love this so much. I love VEIN. I’ve been sharing some of your amazing poetry on the busker app abs giving it a plug, I hope you’re okay with that.

    Sorry, I’ve not been saying much on Insta Etc, I will get back into it. But don’t stop sharing your amazing heart to the world.

    I love you 💜


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Thank you so much, my beautiful sister soul. I love you madly and eternal. ❤ ❤ (I will have to check out this busker app, I've never heard of this? Sounds cool tho, and thank you so very much for supporting me. It means the world to me, dearest.) XOX



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