// Write All Of It //

I believe if we want to remain prolific, if we want to maintain flow, if we want to continue to be nimble, a writer must write all of what it means to write. Just like with any kind of life, the struggles we go through to create are part of the creation itself.
Birth, death, ecstasy, curiosity, brutality, resurrection.
So much of what we have to do is sheer survival of the word, of the vision, of the expression.
All the ways the words are meant to be formed, the way they are forming within us, it is so often a terrible mess.
It can be very hard to break through. And the brave ones keep going. The brave ones write all of it.
So write all of it.
Even as many people come and go,
as they adore you and forget you,
as they question you and open you
and move on.
As they stay.
Do not worry about them.
You are still here.
You are still this heavy beautiful collection of dark skies
stealing catches of light through trees.



5 thoughts on “// Write All Of It //

  1. jimmicampkin

    I’m finding more and more a lot of my characters (just as a lot of my day-to-day thoughts) are referencing people I used to know, and wished that I still knew, and they are slowly fading away from my memory like mist being burned away by the sun. Seems more important than ever to get these people down on paper before they are gone forever.


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      YES. I can relate. I’m realizing how much I waste by not writing a thing down when it’s with me. That it is indeed possible, likely even, that the essence of a person, a thought, a vision, that essence does not last unless you pin it down. You say it perfectly.



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