Dear Poetry Lovers: My Heart in Your Hands


Dear ones,

I am thrilled to let you know that all of my individual poems are now available in my Etsy shop: AllisonMariePoetry

Each piece arrives to you typed on beautiful natural handmade paper. I am especially happy to offer you these during the month of February, as poetry makes a unique Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or a loved one. (Please order as soon as possible if you wish to have your gift in hand by February 14th. I ship within 24 hours of your order but depending where you are in the world, it could take a few days to a week to arrive by regular mail.)

If you see a poem in my Instagram gallery that you would like but do not see it in the shop, just choose the “At your request.” option and tell me the title of the poem you wish to purchase (or include a screen shot).

Also available in the shop are signed copies of my book Vein. It has been said she is a very sensual read. I must agree. ā¤ (Unsigned copies are available through Amazon.)

Thank you, as always, for supporting my work. To share it with you is my greatest joy!

Much love and happy weekending,

Allison Marie




13 thoughts on “Dear Poetry Lovers: My Heart in Your Hands

      1. Pelgris

        I find your poetry lush and alluring. It’s a beating heart which rises like high tide on a wellspring of emotions which burst from lips and flit around my mind like butterflies. Which alight on my skin and sink deeply tattooing themselves on my bones. That’s what I think


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