// what the poet sees //


This has taken me some time to sink into, to make peace with.

Learning over and over that in creativity we must allow for all things to emerge through us. To teach us, to reveal us, to open us to the pleasant and the unpleasant without and within.

There will be darkness and light, sorrow and ecstasy, struggle and bliss, stumble and flight.

We must be still and allow for all of it.

We must, with integrity and grace, allow for death and for life.






17 thoughts on “// what the poet sees //

  1. Pierre Mhanna

    The poet’s attentiveness allows for the objects of the world as well as her own heart to unravel themselves before her, giving her a secret access into the soul of things. Still, the poet is much removed from being a mirror. A poet is a creator, an infuser of fragrances and fires, one whose hammer forges worlds and worlds. The poet is never a still surface where things surrender their form; the poet is a seducer and a playful lover whose heart allows the essence of things to unravel and bloom.


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      The words on my pages are reflections of what I see inside. I desire to develop the picture as tangibly as I can, to describe intimately in detail the angles, textures, shadows, and light of what I see, to offer that reflection as truly as I can. To create a visible image of what is otherwise invisible to another. Only when I am very still can I allow the image to reflect itself against me and onto the page with truth, with clarity and form. Some may find this hard to understand but it is so important to me that we reflect what is truly within and not edit it in order to try to spare the reader (and ourselves) discomfort nor to inflict gratuitous cruelty, all the while we should not dodge the truth of what we see, what worlds we create. To say what we see as we see it, with intimate attention, reverence, and without apology.


  2. aldearon

    It takes a few moments to sink in, but it will be a long time before the effects wear off. Hope to see your reflections of the reality you experience for a long time to come.



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