// people keep talking //


Lush disordered worlds are breeding and collapsing upon my mind every time I close my eyes, even if you can’t hear the sound of this dance or this death or those thoughts of yours I’m invading.

People keep talking, glistening mouths, crushed pearl teeth. How readily we abandon one another, how easily we misunderstand a thing and leave it there. Please turn around again, the world has grown so cold. How each wispy staccato breath is brushed forward and disintegrating; you can’t feel the tilting of time toward the precipice but they keep on with their speak and I am falling farther and farther away from the gravity of their distraction.

They ask me why I write about missing a thing I cannot name, why I write about making love to immortal creatures, and then they tell me how it all lingers too long, probes too close to the beauty behind the sadness. It’s not that I don’t want to give away the answers it’s that I don’t want answers, I want questions like white lights hanging in the trees. I know they think I’m writing to find fulfillment, and they feel sorry for me, some of them actually do.

There are no tears on this side of the wall but I see it in the coffee houses wearing sweater boots and talking through me like thin snow flakes painted on glass.





10 thoughts on “// people keep talking //

  1. Ward Clever

    I think what you are saying is don’t abandon you at the thought that you’re searching for something in a fruitless journey, and it is ‘hopeless’ or ‘sad’. Help you, maybe go with you for a time, because the journey itself is what is important. A goal is too limiting, and a name is too limiting, and answers are the end of the journey. You don’t write to find fulfillment, you write to recount the steps of your journey, the experiences you’ve had and the pathways you’ve traveled.


      1. saynotoclowns

        I miss the long conversations I used to have with friends where we didn’t leave the misunderstanding. And we didn’t find the answers. And we did all the did-notting together. šŸ™‚ All for the love for each other and for connecting…there’s so little real connecting these days. Or even such conversations with strangers.
        I love how you nail so many realities with such a unique and gorgeous eloquence.
        (And spiritually, I personally think we all miss Something we can’t name or won’t name. But being a person of faith, I’m biased towards that thinking I guess. šŸ™‚ ) I love how you write about all of it. And I’m sorry if I have misunderstood lol.


      2. Allison Marie Post author

        What a gorgeous thing to say, thank you so much. I am truly thrilled this piece resonated with you, that you could connect pieces of yourself to it. It’s so beautiful when someone reads and threads their fingers and heart through a thing without judgment, with pure joy and curiosity. That is a rare gift, I cherish your presence here and the way you let the words in. That is everything to me.

        I do feel the missing of a thing . . a Something, a Home, a Creative Force, a Creature, whatever grand name we could come up with. But maybe the grand names just alienate us further from a place we know we’ve known, a beautiful cave inside, true intimacy. . . Please do not be sorry, please know I am grateful beyond. And you’ve not misunderstood at all. ā¤


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