// luna //


Flocks of wings fell from a covetous sky as I was dancing barefoot along the edge of
sickle blades beheld in your eyes,
razors cut straight into
an alabaster wind and all I have in this cruel world is a
blood wine offering to my ungodly thirst
for you:
standing once removed
at a mirror gazing into
the first orgasmic pulse of the universe.
To crave you is adoption of strange distortion, black flames wet with resplendent poison;
I am fertile, the depths of my shadows have
grown again
Temptress, goddess, luna, luna, luna Diana,
deliverance, solar bodies locked in iron chairs
bending back against blue celestial walls.
You are the ancient guiding light when the galaxies are riotous clouds in my
What of the promise which swallows the tears of dying stars
this bone cold ocean of downturned faces
as the earth cries out for her own rebirth
a river
snakes around my infectious words;
ghost lovers in soft willow frames, ecstatic oblivious rotation,
lost minds spinning on axis upon a thimble
dressing and undressing us in rose water and sage.
The crystal globes inside you are melting time beneath my fevered skin
as I insert you, blessed dark heaven between my fingers and my thighs,
tragedy and faith forever bound;
our secrets have become
of an unrelenting




15 thoughts on “// luna //

    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I suppose the short answer is I adore sex. To flesh that out a bit further is to say that I’m fascinated with the mysterious energetic cycles of creation: raw expression, love, life, death, birth, nature, spirituality, the human and divine union. For me the experience of art is erotic, ecstatic, intimate, dark and light and beautiful.

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  1. ilyasstory

    Love the energy of this one. I may have said this before, but I absolutely love the way you use subtle and not so subtle eroticism mixed with mysticism in your poetry. It reminds me of Sufi poetry. Peace and love angel. Soul to epic soul. ❤


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      My dear dear friend, I can’t tell you how very much this means to me. That you can appreciate the very essence of my work is a joy like none other. Thank you, thank you endless. Thank you for being open to all the beauty I do so try to honor in the words and in ourselves. We are ecstatic creatures. Bless you. Namaste, angel light of mine. Soul to shimmering soul. ❤

      Liked by 1 person


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