// dark mistress //

Bone to cheek
we eclipse each other
she walks within me as I am left
shadow bodies, horses standing still at the gate.
I would trade my pain for pleasure, disconnect my jaw from my
heart if only
there were a way to separate the two.
Collections taken up in the spiral of this dark sea bed, breathing:
stars the taste of lavender liquid thunder,
my eyes held in her
eyes closing;
one face
reflected at the count of ten, mirrors on
hands on
soft ivory angel wings bend in the clouds on fire, tongues of old in the mouths of
newborn creatures born quietly shrieking
all over the world the little lights are hungry,
hills in flames and I am the rain cascading
as she falls through me time and time
ash into ash disintegrating.
What I have done is the emerald chalice of mine
own blood
these sins to which she is
blind as I am
sowing seeds in the tears of this sickness
clutching its beak at the nape of my neck.
To be alone is to be
the circling song of her thin disruptive fingers
golden chains braided between her translucent breasts
something beautiful,
bewitching in the mouth on the mouth
of my own death.




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