// this is devotion //


In the most sacred space, there is a dramatic and all-encompassing privacy; a spiritual intimacy which threads itself into a complete and full aloneness.

No other voice but that of The Infinite, a sense of perfect solitude that encompasses all beings, all objects, all life, death, light and darkness are reflected into an ever widening abyss, fallen and raised at once, deep until the deep warps fully again into itself and codes the sound, color, makeup and design of the infinite inside every cell, every atom a microcosm of the stuff of fires that become spontaneous bodies, life forms.

Whatever you worship know you may only gather at the feet of it and ask of it everything as it gives to you everything, every thought, every breath, every heart beat, every sensation, every dream, every experience, every pierce of sadness and caress of an ever dying light without end. We are fading, fading, and on the other side of the fade is an advancement; what bows forward is falling back.

Don’t blink as you sleep. Don’t forget as you leave. Remember, remember, remember all of this and keep it with you, beloved.

It is you where I come from, into you I return.




6 thoughts on “// this is devotion //

  1. Swarn Gill

    This was simply beautiful. Maybe my favorite of yours thus far.

    Whatever you worship know you may only gather at the feet of it and ask of it everything as it gives to you everything

    This right here struck me like I was strings to a master violinist. Maybe it’s even deeper a statement than you intended. But if God, the divine, is infinite, then there is no point is asking of it one thing. You cannot remove one thing from the infinite, because the definition of infinity is such that it cannot be lessened. All infinity can give you is everything, in accordance with its nature. You wish to take only the good but you cannot. You can only search through the chaos and find the good and the beautiful, you can only give meaning to the meaningless, you can only give purpose to indifference. And what is so bad about that? It’s the flavor of life. If life was as simply as following a prescribed set of rules, in order to get the divine to intervene in your favor, everybody would do it. And I think the world would be far less diverse, far more joyless if the divine worked in the way than the way at least Judeo-Christian ones say it does. If there is a God, I think we’ve made that God for less impressive and far more human than I think God would have to be.

    You write poetry at a faster rate that I can digest it, so I apologize for only commenting on only every 3rd or 4th poem. I guess I am only taking a part of your infinitely beautiful words, and thus I hope it is true that I still get everything. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend Allison. ❤

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    1. Allison Marie Post author

      I am deeply moved by your comment, dear Swarn, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. The way you have expressed everything is just beautiful and I agree with all you have so elegantly said.

      “All infinity can give you is everything, in accordance with its nature.” Amen, amen, amen.

      I love the line you selected, too. I’m thrilled it spoke to you so thoroughly, that quite truly means the world to me. I thank you in full. 🙂

      Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. ❤


  2. Ward Clever

    Your poetry has slowly moved from the chaotic to the beautiful and sublime, just like the universe itself. You seem to be in tune with everything in the cosmos, as though the Infinite writes itself through you. I love this about you.

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