// hearts break all over the world and here //


I knew it was time to begin again


Collect the slim beats of my disfigured heart

and each one of her tender pieces

into a somber fading evening twilight

of the soul,

tuck my bruised bones

into a nest of ambient solitude

and listen to every raindrop

tell its story.

I knew

the ways in which I had been torn apart

would heal again back together

and leave a new kind of scar,

the kind I would have to learn

to wear in the daylight

this time






10 thoughts on “// hearts break all over the world and here //

  1. Ward Clever

    I worry about you sometimes. I want you to be okay. Your pictures seem to be taken from out a quickly moving car, as though you’re going somewhere very fast – hopefully not running away from something bad.

    Otherwise, if this is abstract, it’s a very sad story of being among people when you’re not quite ready to rejoin the world. And I felt this either way.


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Never a need to worry, that is never why I create. I write all of my inner landscape as it moves through me in the hopes that another may read my work and find themselves within it, and know they are not alone. Pain, sadness, fear, these things are human and they are connectors. I write in order for the reader to see more of themselves, not to see more of me.

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  2. Swarn Gill

    I found this poem to be very meditative. It’s as if I read it, I could feel myself breathing in and out slowly. Your words created a silence in my mind and it felt like I was inhaling and exhailing your words as if they were breath. I remember in times of great emotional pain, I would slip into this state of simply listening to the sound of me sipping a cold drink from a glass. A way to just be completely in the moment to try and shut out the noise. To be reminded that I am actually breathing, that I’m alive, and that I’m okay, and that the pain that is weighing on me can be managed, and I will remain, though scarred. A scar that I shall not be afraid to share with others, that tells a story, a story of my journey, and that I have nothing to be ashamed of as long as I’m always trying to learn from the journey. The line

    and listen to every raindrop

    tell its story.

    Was especially beautiful to me.

    I don’t quite buy your line above though: “I write in order for the reader to see more of themselves, not to see more of me.” Well who am I to say why another person writes, but I think you write so that we can see each other better. A mirror that is not a mirror. The feelings you share are ones we can connect with and so when a poem connects with a reader, then it is true I know more of me, and you know more of you. But for you, in writing that landscape you explore more of yourself and thus your writing helps you know more about yourself, and when someone connects to it, you know more about them. It is symbiotic, not a gain of one over the other. That’s just my feeling, but I will still consider your opinion as truth on the matter should you wish to stick to it. 🙂 Either way, I am eternally grateful for you sharing your soul with us. ❤

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