// evidence of bodies //


I don’t want your body, I want your secrets. I know the games you play and why you play them but you’re so lovely it makes my mind bleed. Even the dreams in me have dreams and yet I can’t manage to extract a single one. Of course, no one ever said love makes sense. I pour a glass of Merlot and my insides are a relentless penetrating bloom of thick red roses groping their thorny vines around the veins that push my blood toward a heart that knows no boundaries.

When the last sliver of daylight finally fades across the grass, I can feel the setting sun unbuttoning my inhibitions. The way you wait so patiently for me binds me with threaded ropes, framing erotic images that deepen my darkening mood. You want to touch me but I’m not where you thought I’d be; my mind is seductive but it’s always somewhere else.

Using only the memory of your hands, you wrap me in crimson ribbons of delicious heat. The swift movement of your body sets me free to water midnight gardens of savage desire in beautiful rings around the moon. I’m ugly in ways only you can make an aphrodisiac as the twisted things I long for hang suspended from the ceiling, purple faces tongue the agony of my ecstatic soul. Everyone seems to think they know how your life will end up if you’d just sit still and listen but most try very hard not to understand anything that could make a difference.

Sliding past everyone else’s better judgment, I light three rows of candles and drop into a darkness that is not sleep. It’s more like a strange way of awakening in order to hold hands with death and own him before he owns me. We all worry about being invisible; that’s why we hide. I devour volumes of ancient spiritual texts and Bukowski, they seem to break me apart and deliver me back to who I am in a package I almost recognize. Deciphering their codes is the plot of every gutting love story ever written. The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life grow like inverted mirror images, side by side. To be human is to have a grasp on neither.

I drip hot lavender oil into a steaming bath and sink in as I envision you with cake in your hands. I’m kneeling at your feet licking icing from a dozen silver spoons between your fingers; the sweet life is not always what it seems, but we do try. At the center of something more encompassing and brilliant than we can possibly fathom, everything is submerged. Right here. Everything is different and the same. Every safe choice should make us more and more afraid.

It’s warm underwater and even though I drown my head in thoughts of self-defeat to keep from slipping into the vacant sky where I might finally be free, I trust being alone more than I trust anything else. I don’t know if God is alone but I know this world is mass murder on painted screens that cover up the truth.

In my makeshift blackout room, spinning pins and needles on the windowsill of the universe, all I ever wanted was to make a spark that would catch the hills on fire.

It’s not hard to breathe in the dark, it’s just that you see so little of who you really are.




22 thoughts on “// evidence of bodies //

      1. Allison Marie Post author

        I look forward to it indeed, and I thank you. I hope you find something that can inspire you, my friend. And thank you for so warmly inviting me in to visit your favorite. I shall visit just as soon as I can. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Rajagopal

    It is an enticingly creative and enchantingly seductive world yours is, Allison, always inspiring and unfailingly fascinating. May the crimson muse continue its bubbling flow in your veins….


  2. Ward Clever

    “This rain that melts into my skin…”
    You aggressively write poetry at me, daring me not to listen, which you know I will never accept. Threatening storms from which you know I will never take shelter.


  3. saynotoclowns

    I have no words for how captivating your writing is. My mind is trying to sort out the music it’s been bombarded with and the colours it’s trying to merge with. Thank you! You have fired some synapses that needed firing. 🙂


    1. Allison Marie Post author

      Oh, how your beautiful comment makes my soul sing! Thank you, thank you so much for taking the time and care to read, to connect, to be here with the words and let them in. I’m ecstatic that you find music and color and the firing of synapses within you. That is everything, everything that I could hope this writing would give to you. So much love and gratitude your way, my friend. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. saynotoclowns

        How kind you are! I am the one who is grateful. I feel like the writing I have ever done was just covering walls with blank sticky notes, and then an artist like you fills them in…as I ponder your writing more, the words on the notes appear. I’m amazed at your insight and articulation. Really beautiful!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Allison Marie Post author

        What an absolutely gorgeous thing to say. I just visualized a shimmering wall teeming with your soulful sticky notes, all merging and blending and re-emerging. So, so beautiful! May your day and your words and your heart be fully inspired. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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